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Monday, October 17, 2011

The 13 Nights of Halloween:Scariest Places on Earth

Greetings. I know now is the season for horror and this is the time most horror blogs really like to strut their stuff. I have lifes little engagments along with other projects, that keep me from making this blog a priority. -sigh- maybe one day I'll have more time to focus on this little blog, but this is sadly not the time.

Well enough of my sorry excuses. Now, is the time reflect back on our most fond memories of our youth. If you were a child of the 90s/ early 2000s then you will remember Fox Family's 13 Nights of Halloween. For 13 nights, we had films and shows that were sure to frighten and excite young and old. During, the day many films and shows were shown that were for the whole family, but once night had come it was time for films and shows, that were made for a much older/braver audience.

These past few years, I've began to notice that the 13 Nights of Halloween are no longer, well horrorfying. Every single film show is family friendly and there is nothing for the more mature audience. The channel is now ABC Family (A Disney Owned Channel), so naturally you're just not going to get the frights that Fox Family used to dish out. Another reason why, we no longer have these shows is probably due to parent complaints. Don't parents know, that being freaked out by a scary movie/ show is a part of childhood. Goodness, as a child I was scared by many things, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

The show I missed most from 13 nights of Halloween line-up was a reality show called Scariest Places on Earth. In every episode they would dump a group of people in some of the most creepiest places in the world and have them wander around, while random things were rigged to spook the unwanted visitors. This was awesome and my favorite portion of the show was when the haunted history of each destination was talked about in detail.  Add, Linda Blair as the hostess and the voice of   Zelda Rubinstien from Poltrageist as the narrator and you had a show, that was sure to please any horror fan.

Now, keep in mind that quite a few of the things that happened in the showe were complete BS! There were times when things were fabricated and events were often staged. The show was just so darn entertaining, that you could not just resist. Being a small thing in the early 2000s, I often has a hard time getting to sleep after and episode. Hell, I still might have a hard time getting to sleep after an episode.

My personal favorite was the episode of Poveglia-The Italian Island of the Dead. For those who have seen the show, what was yours?

-Horrorwood Doll


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