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Monday, June 13, 2011

Carrie: The Musical

I've heard of Dracula:The Musical, Frankenstein: The Musical,Dance of the Vampires: The Musical, Evil Dead:The Musical, but I've never heard of Carrie: The Musical. What a ludicrous notion. Who would be crazy enough to make a musical out of a horror film/book. Goodness when will they stop, we don't need another Shrek or Spiderman musical. Psh, lets see what we got in store for us.

 Carrie Musical-Eve Was Weak with clips from the 1970s Carrie.

 0.0 I honestly don't care if no one likes musicals, that's a quality song, right there. Heh, maybe this think won't be too bad after all. In fact a musical version of Carrie could really bring the story to life. This musical could easily be the next big horror musical like Sweeney Todd or Little Shop of Horrors.

A musical based off Stephen King's iconic book Carrie is returning to stage. The original Carrie musical made its debut in 1988, however the musical didn't last long, due to certain problems. The script was weak, along with some of the songs,pouring blood caused Linzi Hateley's (Carrie) microphone to malfunction, Barbara Cook (Margaret) was almost decapitated by a set piece opening night, and constant rewrites lead to the shows demise. The show received mixed reviews along with boos and cheers during each performance.  There were only 16 previews and 5 performances before it was closed and cemented its place as "the most expensive quick flop in Broadway history."-New York Times.

Over the years there have been several small unofficial musical performances and it wasn't till 2009 was there a serious revive of the musical in the works. On November 20th a reading was held for the new production that showed a reworked script and new songs that were put in place of the less than stellar ones. It has been confirmed that the new Carrie musical will be shown at the Lucille Lortel Theatre by MCC Theater for the 2011/2012 off-Broadway season.


-Horrorwood Doll

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Art of Victoria Frances

Victoria Frances is a hauntingly talented artist that has become one of the most well-known illustrators in Spain  was born in Valencia,Spain on October 25 of 1982.

Her art is known for featuring vampires, witches, and the occasional ghost. Miss Victoria draws inspiration from Gothic literature, the mysterious old world European cities, and Galician Forests that she fondly grew up with.

Miss Frances attended the San Carlos University in Valencia, Spain where she studied Fine Art. She started off designing book covers and began working on her first illustrated book Favole, which became a hit 2004 Saló del Còmic in Barcelona. She has since then become a hit, especially in the goth/horror community.

 Paise de espectros


The Artist herself.

Here is an interview with Victoria Frances. It's in Spanish, so I haven't the faintest idea on what is exactly being said. Maybe this will motivate me to learn Spanish, well at least you all get to see some more pretty pictures.

Like, I said before Victoria published her first book Favole back in 2004 and then followed that up with Favole II and Favole III. You can purchase each book for under $20 a piece. Apparently, each book is a continuation of a story that is reminiscent to the work of Anne Rice. The books are nice because they hold the majority of Victoria's art, but I've been told that the writing is something less to be desired. Her artwork has been turned into paintings, puzzles, stationary, and she even has a tarot deck.

Her artwork seems to be fairly popular and is often liked by those who usually don't care for dark and semi-horrific artwork. In my opinion the artwork is beautiful and Victoria Frances is obviously a very talented artist, but I'm not nearly as fond of her as one would think. There is just something a bit off-putting about the majority of her artwork and even though I'm able to appreciate the overall workmanship and imagination Victoria has, I just can't bring myself to adore her as much as others have.


I'm sure those who are fans of romantic Gothic art will adore Victoria Frances,especially vampire lovers. Victoria Frances is sure early on in her career and has even come out with a new book called Arlene's Heart.
If you wish to see more of Victoria's artwork or learn more about the gifted Gothic artist feel free to check out her website.

-Horrorwood Doll

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zombie Mosh

Anyone who has a Facebook knows about the irritating game known as FarmVille. If you don't know about the horrid thing
You have entered the relm of the lving dead and Death's daughter Darcy wants you to open mosh pit club that's like gotte be the most wicked , evil, and totally rockin mosh pit around.

 Oh, Joy!

Darcy gleefully tells me that anytime I have a human in my club I that must take that little kipper and bury them so that they to can become a zombling. In other words We don't take kindly to humans around these parts.

Your missions get you on the track to undead fame and fortune. They are of course inside Darcy's diary. The missions range from making your club spiffy looking to mass murder.

I wasn't Kidding.

The game is pretty much exactly like farmville, but instead of planting seeds and growing produce; you're pretty much burying humans alive and producing zombies. YAY! Like farmville you have a variety on what kind plant life you wish to put in your garden and Zombie Mosh is the same:; the game allows you to bury and give way to all sorts of zomblings like a bridezilla, the grim reaper, and even the Easter Bunny.

Now, you're probably wondering at this point "what on earth do I do with all these zomblings I'm creating? Do I take them to market to sell?" Haha well my puzzled gentle viewer if this game was as lame or fun (Zombie Black Market Anyone?) as Farmville that would be the case, but in Zombie Mosh when one creates zombies you're goal is to mosh their little zombie brains out in hope that you'll find money and other treats inside. (Told ya this was a violent.)

Not much else can be said about Zombie Mosh, the game is pretty much just a darker twist on the Farmville phenomenon. You get a chance to decorate your property, purchase and grow undead fiends, and help out your neighbors and depend on help from your neighbors to complete tasks.

There is one thing that sets the game apart from other Farmville knockoffs and that's the music. Unlike other games where the same tuneless melody plays over and over; Zombie Mosh has the type of music one would hear in a rock/alternative club. The music simply kicks-ass in my opinion and I'm not ashamed to admit that I now have songs on my i-pod that I discovered through this game.

Bands Featured in Zombie Mosh

 Bands Under Two Sheds Music

Hot Young Priest 
Sharks and Minnows
Fairburn Royals
The Yum Yum Tree
Jupitar Watts
Silent Kids

Branded with Fear:


If you are looking for a Farmville alternative, a place to discover some new tunes, or you're just looking for a way to kill some time, than this facebook app is for you.Check it out here:
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