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Friday, April 5, 2013

Evil Dead (A Worthy Remake)

Note: Fans of the original who are expecting this to closely resemble the original Evil Dead films will be disappointed. Even though the film is a remake it does not follow the original Evil Dead films or the overall atmosphere. If you can't see past any of that, don't see this movie.

I just got back from seeing an early screening of  Evil Dead and personally I really liked it. I think this film remake does many things right where other remakes go wrong. When I look at other horror film remakes they always seem to take the exact plot of the original and put into modern times without actually adjusting it into modern times.  For example many many remakes fail to take into account that with each pacing decade people don't exactly think the same way as past generations. I think this film does a great job with giving the audience characters that fit into modern times. I think this film is quite conscious in how it chooses to portray characters and how the film was set up to give reasoning to many of the characters' actions.

Now, this film is in shape or form much like the Evil Dead films, but the film often gives many little homages to the original series, which may excite or anger many fans. I think many might also have an issue with the fact that there is no Bruce Campbell or any character to really replace Bruce Campbell. I do think the film might speak in some respect to those who have ever had to deal with someone with a huge drug problem or to those who have been through a drug problem. Of course the film is by no means a complex film, but there are definitely some deeper meaning concepts you can pull out of this film, such as how the current youthful generation's  choice to completely disregard superstition and instead embrace logic and reasoning.

For those who like gore and violence, I can tell you that the film does not disappoint. The special effects are fantastic and very realistic and will definitely make you cringe (which seems to be what I was doing throughout half the movie.) I think some argue the film was too tame and in my opinon there is a huge problem with horror fans being too desensitized to gore and violence. Seriously, if you are complaining that the tree rape scene wasn't brutal enough you need psychological help.

I think there are a great number of horror fans who will enjoy this movie, but I should probably warn ya it probably won't live up to the hype most have given it. I probably enjoyed it as much as I did because I hadn't really put much emphasis on the actual hype of the film in the first place.

-Horrorwood Doll

Saturday, March 2, 2013

AMC'S Freakshow

AMC the channel that has brought us television classics such as The Walking Dead and Comic Book Men has decided to continue on with their current reality tv show kick with Freakshow. The show follows the life of a family owned Freakshow in Venice, California. The show is due to become of favorite for those who like the weird and slightly macabre. You can catch it Thursdays 9:30/8:30C

Thursdays 9:30/8:30c
Thursdays 9:30/8:30

You can also catch on past episodes at AMC:

Friday, December 28, 2012

How to be a Vampire/ How to be a Werewolf Part 6: Trivia Knowledge

Near the end of each book there's a page of trivia to help test your knowledge.  I apparently know a little bit more about vampires than I do about werewolves.How well do you stack up?

 Want more  vampire and werewolf fun? Then check out How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray and How to be a Werewolf by Serena Valentino.

-Horrorwood Doll

How to be a Vampire/ How to be a Werewolf Part 5: Travel

Haunts fit for any vamp or wolf. Each book came with a list of great travel destinations to fulfill your curiosity.

For the Vamps:

Places I'd Visit: Transylvania of course, the area itself does seem quite interesting. Did you know there is such a thing as Dracula tours? I'd probably favor New Orleans over anything else, the city is just filled with so much history and it is probably a place that I could more realistically venture to. Of course one of my dream places to go to is Crete and not only is the little island known for being the origin story of the minotaur or the possible real life Atlantis, but it is also home to vampires who reign during the day.

For the Wolves:

Places I'd Visit:My love for fairytales leads me to the Black Forest. I just couldn't pass up being in the same place that many of my favorite tales take place. I would also take an interest into going to cultural significant places such as Rome or Kyoto.

What are some of your favorite vampire/werewolf destinations? Leave a comment.

 Want more  vampire and werewolf fun? Then check out How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray and How to be a Werewolf by Serena Valentino.

-Horrorwood Doll.

How to be a Vampire/ How to be a Werewolf Part 4: The Tunes

Interesting enough each came with two pages that listed a number of vampire/werewolf inspired songs to fit each creatures' lifestyle.

Favorite Song Mentioned: People Are Strange-The Doors

Needs to be Mentioned: Cry Little Sister-Gerard McMann (Aiden's cover is my favorite.)

Favorite Song Mentioned: Lil' Red Riding Hood- Sam Sham and the Pharaohs (Laura Gibson does a nice cover as well.)

Needs to be Mentioned:  Howlin For You- The Black Keys

What are some of your favorite vampire/werewolf themed songs? Leave a comment.

Want more  vampire and werewolf fun? Then check out How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray and How to be a Werewolf by Serena Valentino.

-Horrorwood Doll

How to be a Vampire/How to be a Werewolf Part 3: Real Life Lore Figures

Time to get historical. Here is each books account of figures that helped add to the vampire and werewolf lore.

 Want more  vampire and werewolf fun? Then check out How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray and How to be a Werewolf by Serena Valentino.

-Horrorwood Doll

How to be a Vampire/ How to be a Werewolf Part 2: Quizzes

In each book  there was a quiz that helped determine what type of wolf or vamp archetype you fit into the pages are as follows.
Note: Please click on each image to view it.

According to the results I'm a Gothic Grandeur Vampire (Because I'm a fancy-pants) and I'm the Wolfman (or Wolfwoman in my case).

What results did you get? Leave a comment.

Want more  vampire and werewolf fun? Then check out How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray and How to be a Werewolf by Serena Valentino.

-Horrorwood Doll

How to be a Vampire/ How to be a Werewolf/ Part 1: Intro

I don't think it goes far to say that I am a pretty big fan of horror and it just so happens from time to time I purchase little goodies that help fuel my liking for spooky little things. One time I stumbled upon two books that I ended up purchasing because of how they cheap they were and because they had glossy pages that appealed to me. The first book was How to be a Werewolf  by Serena Valentino and the second one was How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray. They were both very nice books for the vampire or the werewolf enthusiast, but I've recently sold both of them. (I am currently going through a period where I'm pretty much getting rid of anything I don't love, need, or have a huge sentimental attachment to.) Of course before I sent both lovelies to their new home, I decided to scan a few pages from both books to share with you all

I will be doing a few posts where I share certain sections of each book. Of course before I do that I though I would put in a good recommendation for each book and encourage the actual purchase of either one.

How to be a Werewolf by Serena Valentino
Synopsis: Celebrate your inner beast and harness that newfound animal magnetism! with this essential guide to the lycanthropic lifestyle. Are you subject to savage moods, extreme and unexplained buffness, and cravings for meat on the rare side? Do you long for super speed and reflexes, along with rapid healing and maybe a talent for telepathy? Welcome to the pack and get ready to howl as you sink your claws into this guide to everything life as a werewolf has to offer. Among its abundant fur-raising topics: A look at good, bad, and ugly transformation styles, including an answer to the question of what happens to your clothes. A quiz to determine if you're a menace to society, and tips on taking precautions Planning your social schedule around the lunar calendar Dating hints, from the risks and rewards of cross-species romance to avoiding your sweetheart's family pet Killer fashion suggestions, from urban (leather and hardware) to a cute and foxy kitsune look Ideas, decorations, and recipes for a full-moon party Tales of real-life werewolves, plus lore and legends from around the world Juicy reading material and gems of the silver screen

Teenage werewolves are invited to celebrate their inner beast--and harness that newfound animal magnetism--with this essential guide to the lycanthropic lifestyle. Illustrations.


How to be a Vampire by Amy Gray
SynopsisFor those who join the decadent realm of the vampire, eternal life holds juicy perks--charm and strength, shape-shifting and flying, telepathy and super-powered senses. "How to Be a Vampire" is a comprehensive guide to the vampire lifestyle that quenches newcomers' thirst for lore--and tasteful tips. Illustrations.

Welcome to the world of the undead! A comprehensive guide to the vampire lifestyle quenches newcomers' thirst for lore and tasteful tips. For those who join the decadent realm of the vampire, eternal life holds juicy perks charm and strength, shape-shifting and flying, telepathy and super-powered senses. But then again, one becomes . . . so terribly hungry. Is there an etiquette for feeding without causing a scene? How do you set up your crypt? What supernatural foes will make your blood run colder? In this elegant, edgy resource, the newly immortal will find everything they need to know, including: - a quiz to determine your true vampire persona - ways to turn into a vampire or when a kiss is not just a kiss; and why you should take a look at your family tree - a transformation checklist, including canine teeth and UV sensitivity - a makeup and fashion guide to looking damned good (or just damn ed) - knowing your weaknesses, from garlic, stakes, and sunlight to a n obsession with counting - 10 signs that your boyfriend is a vampire, including super coolness (body temperature-wise) and a habit of sleeping in - a field guide to vampiric variations around the world and through history.

-Horrorwood Doll.

P.S. The reason I decided to sell each book is because I really don't have an exact need for them  or much reason to look back at them, but they are packed full of information and pictures. I'm sure if you  are a huge fan of either monster, you'll love them. 


Also check out How to be a Zombie that was also written by Serena Valentino.


Friday, December 21, 2012


Remember everyone if an apocalypse is coming just act like it's a zombie outbreak and you should be fine.

-Horrorwood Doll

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Horror Films for Kids in 2012

I'm blown away by the amount of children's horror films. This year young horror fans will be treated to films such as ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, and Hotel Transylvania. It's nice to know that horror for children is becoming more widely accessible. After all there needs to be something for younger viewers who are just not old enough to watch the more mature horror content that is out there.

My personal favorite is of course Frankenwenie, but that's probably because I grew up with the original. I am of course partial to anything Frankenstein related. I can't help, but love the vintage horror inspired poster.

-Horrorwood Doll


Be Prepared

If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.