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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton

One of my supervisors was playing this on the overhead speakers at work today.
It's had me giggling and singing along with it, and serves as another piece of proof that humor and horror couple together pretty well (That however is a post for another day).

The lyrics are posted with the video, so now I shall leave you to it.
(Yes, the lyrics do have misspellings and typos, but I was not the one who made it. )

-Bombshell Hell

Dexter (TV show)

Dexter is a show that I'v been watching for awhile now, but for the longest time it just flew past my radar. There is just something so intruiging about a serial killer who kills other serial killers. I finally had the chance to view the show from season 1 to season 4 and all I can say is that the show is brilliant. I honestly love it and personally think that it is one of the best shows to air the waves of television.

Quick Synopsis: "A likable Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of criminals whom he believes have escaped justice."

There is quite a lot of blood on the show. ( Those of you who enjoy films like Saw and Hostel should be jumping for joy) Due to the fact the show often potrays murder in a realistic manner; I've had no choice but  to turn my head away from the screen due to some of the more grotesque moments.
(I'm  a wimp like that. -_-)

 Dexter and his eternal psychological struggle is where the show really shines. He really is an interesting character and it's his complex character that keeps the viewers wanting more. Dexter has a code that his father taught him and that is to never kill an innocent human being. Since Dexter has an eternal need to kill the code his father ,Harry taught him is what has saved Dexter from being caught by the authorities.

The first season of Dexter was adapted from a novel by Jeff Lindsay. The series of books and the show differ greatly after their first installment.

The show has been nominated for many awards including the Golden Globes, Emmys and the Scream Awards.

Check out the first episode on YouTube

(Not for squemish viewers and those underaged definantly need parental guidence)

If you have any spare time play the Dexter detective investigation interactive video youtube game.

Those of you who are fans of CSI, Law & Order, Bones, Without a Trace and those other crime dramas should adore this show.  The scary thing about this show is that it has inspired several individuals to go out and copy certain actions that Dexter performs. The show is often quite gorey and brutal at times, but this show can not make an individual do some of the things that are depicted on the show. In my honest opinion this show should never be shown to someone who is currently of unstable mind or anyone under a mature age. (In other words do not show this show to a nine year old. I don't care how mature you think they are a show of this nature is not good for them.)
You can catch the show on Shotime even though it is currently on it's off season, but luckily the show has been renued for its 6th season.

"Needless to say I have some unusual habits, yet all these socially acceptable people can't wait to pick up hammers and smash their food to bits. Normal people are so hostile. " -Dexter

(Artwork by Ty Mattson)

-Horrorwood Doll

Monday, January 17, 2011

Organ Trail:Zombie Style

All is lost! The zombie epidemic has finally came to be and there is no turning back. The United States capital of Washington D.C. has been issued under termination status by the government. The survivors have no other alternative, but to flee and head west in hope of  a better and zombie-free way of life.

Organ Trail is a new spin on the classic game. Instead of  hitting the Oregon trail and heading west in chances of a new plentiful life, you are now heading west to the safe zone in hope that you'll be out of reach from the undead fiends. The game is pretty basic and mostly resembles the earlier versions of the westward game.

Like the original game you have to find ways to obtain food, keep your party healthy, and keep your chosen transportation in tip top shape. There are a few things you have to account for though and that is that every step you take on this journey is zombie filled.

Don't take the candy this guy gives you.

The game  is fairly simple, but a little bit of strategy is needed to succeed.

*TIPS* (Ignore if you want to just figure everything out on your own.)

If you pick the hardest level that leaves you to get your supplies in  hours divide your time collecting these items.
  *6 hours to gather gas (You can't win or go anywhere in the game without this)
*1 hour for bullets (Don't bother gathering food. Gather your food outside the main city instead and you should have all the bullets you need for the whole game.)
* 1 hour spend on medical kit or money.
Make sure you leave in early morning and it's best to travel by night.
If you spot a tombstone by the road don't investigate. Of course if you're really curious go right on ahead.

Use your medical kits only when a member of your party has passed out. The medical kits can not cure illness so rest is your only hope.

The game takes a hour on average to play and can be found at or by clicking on this link. I wish there were more obstacles in the game to make things a bit more interesting, but it really is a work  in progress. The game is always getting updates so be sure to check back. If you are a fan of the classic Oregon Trail you'll most definitely like this game.

-Horrorwood Doll

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy of Horror

I had the opportunity to rent Universal Studios Monsters:A Legacy of Horror from the library. I thought it would be a great resource of inspiration for my classic horror theme Halloween/birthday party. (Yes, I plan my Halloween party a year ahead of time.)

The book covers the early years of Hollywood and how Universal Studios got started and what led them to do the Horror films we know and love to this very day. Universal's main horror films get their own special section and even some lesser known horror films get a chance to be in the limelight. The book provides many facts and trivia that the everyday horror fan might not know, but they should. For example the actress Gloria Stuart the actress who played the old Rose in Titanic got her start in Universal Horror film?

There are many gorgeous pictures featured within the book, which really is the best part of the book. You'll also get a chance to learn a little more about your favorite horror actors such as Bela Lugosi and Barlos Karloff. My only complaint with the book is the synopsis that is given for each movie, but I suppose if you have yet to see some of the films it can help you to become interested in the films and go out and seek them.

This book would be perfect for the coffee table or it can make a great gift for an upcoming horror fan.

-Horrorwood  Doll

Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Swan:A review of Sorts

    I finally got a chance to see the highly sensationalized Black Swan. There is much debate if this film constitutes as a horror film, but I think dark/foreboding imagery and how the film deals with the subject content would mean that this film can be labeled under the horror genre. The film starts off quite calmly and is your average everyday art film, but as the film goes momentum builds and becomes a psychological horror thriller.

The films overall imagery is fantastic and is used to help tell the story in an effective manner. The camera direction is what really needs kudos. The camera spins and moves with the dancers and really makes the audience feel like they are part of the performances in the film.

    Everyone is efficient in their given roles. Natalie Portman plays the role of the sheltered, obsessive,sexually repressed, and schizophrenic ballerina perfectly. Everyone else is pretty good in their roles too, especially Barbra Hershey and Wiona Ryder.

   The music used in the film is mostly from Swan Lake. Well Clint Mansell has combined the original Swan Lake score with his own. I guess you could look at it as the music for a ballet gone wrong.

      Now, for the important stuff. For the horror fans who want their films filled with blood and guts this film isn't for you. There is a bit of blood seen in the film and definitely some moments that make you cringe, but this film isn't like the modern day horror fare. The film is definantly more of a psychological thriller then anything else. If you want a dark film with twists and turns then this is the film for you.

  The real cool thing about the film is that it's a horror film that is getting noticed by the bigger film awards such  as the Golden Globes and most likely The Oscars. This is quite rare because most horror films no matter how well written or how complex they are seem to be looked down upon, but this film seems to be the exception.

   Will this film join the ranks of other great horror films such  as Rosemary's Baby, Suspiria, The Exorcist,etc.? Only time will tell, but from what I've seen so far it looks like horror has a bright future this coming decade.

Film Type: Psychological Chiller

-Horrorwood Doll

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

    This movie had me at Guillermo del Toro. The film is a remake of a made for TV horror  film and while other horror remakes are doomed from the very start this film seems to be the exception. Guillermo del Toror seems to be a busy little scamp when it comes to moviemaking. He is currently working on a Frankenstein remake and an adventure horror film called At the Mountains of Madness. There is also talk of him producing a Haunted Mansion movie based off the popular Disney theme park ride. Unlike the terrible excuse of a comedy that starred Eddie Murphy del Toror is planning on doing  a fantasy historical piece that will  probably be similar to the first Pirates of the Carribean film.

    I almost want to call this the perfect horror trailer. The trailer only hints at the plot without giving anything away and knows to show just enough to get us wanting more. If this film is half as good del Toro's oprevious work I'll say we are in for a treat.

    The director is Troy Nixey and is a newcomer to the directors chair. If the movie is like anything I have seen in the trailer then I can safely say that this director has a bright future. 

P.S. The trailer reminds  of  this lovely picture by Selina Fenech. Called Stolen in her Sleep.

Note: Don't be Afraid of the Dark's release date is set to be August 13.

-Horrorwood Doll


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