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Friday, April 5, 2013

Evil Dead (A Worthy Remake)

Note: Fans of the original who are expecting this to closely resemble the original Evil Dead films will be disappointed. Even though the film is a remake it does not follow the original Evil Dead films or the overall atmosphere. If you can't see past any of that, don't see this movie.

I just got back from seeing an early screening of  Evil Dead and personally I really liked it. I think this film remake does many things right where other remakes go wrong. When I look at other horror film remakes they always seem to take the exact plot of the original and put into modern times without actually adjusting it into modern times.  For example many many remakes fail to take into account that with each pacing decade people don't exactly think the same way as past generations. I think this film does a great job with giving the audience characters that fit into modern times. I think this film is quite conscious in how it chooses to portray characters and how the film was set up to give reasoning to many of the characters' actions.

Now, this film is in shape or form much like the Evil Dead films, but the film often gives many little homages to the original series, which may excite or anger many fans. I think many might also have an issue with the fact that there is no Bruce Campbell or any character to really replace Bruce Campbell. I do think the film might speak in some respect to those who have ever had to deal with someone with a huge drug problem or to those who have been through a drug problem. Of course the film is by no means a complex film, but there are definitely some deeper meaning concepts you can pull out of this film, such as how the current youthful generation's  choice to completely disregard superstition and instead embrace logic and reasoning.

For those who like gore and violence, I can tell you that the film does not disappoint. The special effects are fantastic and very realistic and will definitely make you cringe (which seems to be what I was doing throughout half the movie.) I think some argue the film was too tame and in my opinon there is a huge problem with horror fans being too desensitized to gore and violence. Seriously, if you are complaining that the tree rape scene wasn't brutal enough you need psychological help.

I think there are a great number of horror fans who will enjoy this movie, but I should probably warn ya it probably won't live up to the hype most have given it. I probably enjoyed it as much as I did because I hadn't really put much emphasis on the actual hype of the film in the first place.

-Horrorwood Doll


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