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Friday, December 28, 2012

How to be a Vampire/ How to be a Werewolf Part 5: Travel

Haunts fit for any vamp or wolf. Each book came with a list of great travel destinations to fulfill your curiosity.

For the Vamps:

Places I'd Visit: Transylvania of course, the area itself does seem quite interesting. Did you know there is such a thing as Dracula tours? I'd probably favor New Orleans over anything else, the city is just filled with so much history and it is probably a place that I could more realistically venture to. Of course one of my dream places to go to is Crete and not only is the little island known for being the origin story of the minotaur or the possible real life Atlantis, but it is also home to vampires who reign during the day.

For the Wolves:

Places I'd Visit:My love for fairytales leads me to the Black Forest. I just couldn't pass up being in the same place that many of my favorite tales take place. I would also take an interest into going to cultural significant places such as Rome or Kyoto.

What are some of your favorite vampire/werewolf destinations? Leave a comment.

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-Horrorwood Doll.

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