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Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Swan:A review of Sorts

    I finally got a chance to see the highly sensationalized Black Swan. There is much debate if this film constitutes as a horror film, but I think dark/foreboding imagery and how the film deals with the subject content would mean that this film can be labeled under the horror genre. The film starts off quite calmly and is your average everyday art film, but as the film goes momentum builds and becomes a psychological horror thriller.

The films overall imagery is fantastic and is used to help tell the story in an effective manner. The camera direction is what really needs kudos. The camera spins and moves with the dancers and really makes the audience feel like they are part of the performances in the film.

    Everyone is efficient in their given roles. Natalie Portman plays the role of the sheltered, obsessive,sexually repressed, and schizophrenic ballerina perfectly. Everyone else is pretty good in their roles too, especially Barbra Hershey and Wiona Ryder.

   The music used in the film is mostly from Swan Lake. Well Clint Mansell has combined the original Swan Lake score with his own. I guess you could look at it as the music for a ballet gone wrong.

      Now, for the important stuff. For the horror fans who want their films filled with blood and guts this film isn't for you. There is a bit of blood seen in the film and definitely some moments that make you cringe, but this film isn't like the modern day horror fare. The film is definantly more of a psychological thriller then anything else. If you want a dark film with twists and turns then this is the film for you.

  The real cool thing about the film is that it's a horror film that is getting noticed by the bigger film awards such  as the Golden Globes and most likely The Oscars. This is quite rare because most horror films no matter how well written or how complex they are seem to be looked down upon, but this film seems to be the exception.

   Will this film join the ranks of other great horror films such  as Rosemary's Baby, Suspiria, The Exorcist,etc.? Only time will tell, but from what I've seen so far it looks like horror has a bright future this coming decade.

Film Type: Psychological Chiller

-Horrorwood Doll

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