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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter from Sam of Trick r Treat

 You know Easter is actually my second favorite holiday right after Halloween, of course, many don't seem to realize that the two holidays have more in common than people realize. I can find a few reasons on how these holidays are similar and thanks to our little friend Sam from Trick r' Treat I have a reason to do so.

1. Sugar High children are Abound

Easter is the day when children wake their sleepy heads from bed and tip down stairs to see a basket filled with sugary goodness. There is no other holiday besides Halloween where children have access to the fantastical amount of candies and sweets. Now, some would point out that children have to earn the candy on Halloween, while Easter it's all a free hand out; this is not entirely true because these days, kids have to have to work for their candy by doing easter egg hunts. There is even a stronger connection between the holidays as night time flashlight Easter egg hunts become more and more popular, making candy gathering a night time activity.

2. The Celebration of the Dead
Halloween is a time where one takes the time to celebrate and remember death. Easter is the time when Christianity takes the time to celebrate and remember that their savior died and rose from the grave in zombie or vampire style. Either, way both holidays have to deal with the celebration of death in some form.

3.Animal Mascots
Quite a few holidays have only one animal mascot like Christmas or Thanksgiving. (Heck,some holidays have only one mascot, regardless.) Halloween and Easter seem to both have a plethora of animal mascots, its just one holiday has mascots that have been deemed cuddlier. Which is better? Bunnies,duckies,chicks,and butterflies or bats,cats,rats, and spiders?

4.Pagen Roots
From those who have seen Halloween, the holiday originated from a pagen holiday known as Samahain, which had to do with the end of Summer and had its links to remembering the dead. Easter takes its roots from the possible celebrations and feasts that were held in honor for the Great Mother Godess of the Saxons, Eostre. (That bunny laying eggs is actually a representation on fertility and isn't just some creepy holiday mascot.)

5. Acceptable to Wear a Bunnysuit
Easter is the only other day in the year, where one can dress up in a bunnysuit and not look like a complete lunatic. If you walked down the street any other day you would get pulled over by the cops,but on Easter and Halloween it is suddenly acceptable.

And yes we are half way through the year to Halloween. (By the way these comparisons are meant to be humorous and should not be taken  seriously.)

-Horrorwood Doll

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  1. I would venture to say that anyone walking down the street wearing a bunny suit, even if it is on Easter, would still be looked at by the masses as something of a lunatic. ;-)

    Nice post, Doll!




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