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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Anne Rice's Gift to Fans

Have you ever wanted an autograph from Anne herself, but was nowhere near one of her fabulous autograph sessions? Well, I have good news! Now, you too can have a copy of her books, with her personal autograph.

When asked why she was doing this, her response was as follows.

“So we figured a way to print these out here at the house (Becket designed them and handles the software) and self-adhesive backing paper, and then we will mail to whoever sends an envelope. We'll see how it goes. The post office box is nearby and we'll start filling orders as soon as we get them.
It seems my readers really want autographs, and they like real books, and so this is my solution to getting those autographs to people all over.”

For one free sheet only of 6 personally autographed book plates mail a self-addressed stamped 8.5 x 11 inch rigid photo mailer envelope to:
Anne Rice – 42 335 Washington St. – Ste. # F-384 – Palm Desert, CA 92211.


I can assure you this is legit. Each sticker is personally signed by the woman, herself.

P.S. This might be for a limited time. If you miss you chance, leave a comment and I might send one of my extra stickers to you. ^_- Just be sure to give me the proper thank you.

-Horrorwood Doll


  1. Can you please add an follow you by email option to the blog? That is the only way I can keep up with all the blogs I follow. Thank you!

  2. As info, this was geared toward her "people of the page", which are her faecbook followers. If you haven't yet liked Anne's fb page, please do! She is very interactive with her fans and there are always great discussions going. And the bookplates are awesome-so very generous of our dear Anne Rice.

  3. Hi Anne, I've already received a sheet of your autographed bookplates. I love them and have put these in my favorite novels by you. However, I still have many other books I'd love to personalize. Would it be okay to send for another sheet of these wonderful bookplates??

    1. I'm not Anne, but please add her on facebook. I know for a fact that there have been others that have sent for more than one. It shouldn't be a problem. Good Luck!

  4. What exactly IS the envelope? I've never heard it before. I really Need to get her autograph so if you could message me back ASAP that'd be Awesome! <3



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