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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Rihanna in Disturbia (music video, not the movie...)

Hello friends ^_^ I think it's time for a review on here to get this horror blog going. I chose this song and video because it is unusual, for any artist who doesn't immerse themselves in the horror genre regularly to do something like this. It's not particularly new, but I thought it was something worth mentioning. Mostly for the fact that she is stepping out of comfort zone with this song. In it, we see her addressing the idea of paranoia, hallucination and the feeling of insanity. Essentially, through this, she is exploring the darkness of the human mind. Going through a bad part of your life you will experience these very same feelings. The video has a freak show/ imprisonment feeling to it, personifying it in this imagery. By doing this she exposes a certain vulnerability to us, showing us that we all go through weak times in our lives like a loss of self-control or ourselves.
So I thank Rihanna for showing her fans that it's OK to have a freak in our closets.

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