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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Supernatural: The Anime?

Many fans of horror are drawn to the show Supernatural. The show has great music, a cool car, witty dialogue, supernatural beings, and hot people galore. What's not to love about a show where every episode is a horror film.  Well there might be a new way to embark on adventures with the Winchester brother duo. Coming in 2011 a Supernatural anime is due to be released. The anime will be released in Japan this January an American version is due to come out later that year.

The anime studio MADHOUSE is in charge of producing  22 episodes for Warner Brother. Considering that MADHOUSE is the same company responsible for giving us  anime classics such as Death Note, Vampire Hunter D, and Paprika; I think it's same to say the show is in good hands. A teaser trailer is currently available for viewing  on the website or better yet right below.

Dude, I'm sold. :D

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