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Friday, May 20, 2011

Poll Results "Which supernatural being is the coolest?"

We just finished our first poll on the blog and the question was "Which supernatural being is the coolest?". The results are in and the majority of you chose vampires.

 Art by Victoria Frances

Results out of 18

Vampires: 10

Zombies: 2

Werewolves: 0 *Awww no love for the wolves. :(

Aliens 1

Spirits 3

Witches 2 

Horrorwood Doll: I can't say I blame the majority for picking vampires. If we are going with the modern/ideological idea of vampires then I would certainly pick vampires myself. The fact that I would now have the time to get through my reading/movie/travel list would be a huge plus. :D My second choice would be witches because with enough work they have the power to do anything. -Edit- If you've seen Pirates of the Carribean 4 then you'll know that mermaids are now badass. If I had the choice I would totally be a mermaid of vampiery doom.

 Note: You'll be seeing more of these things in the future and they will become more interactive. Stay tuned for the next poll.


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