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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Zombie Apacalypse: A how to for survival

We here at Dreadful Dreary all know that the zombie apacalypse is upon us and that any day it could happen. Hell, even the Center for Disease and Control know that the apacalypse is upon us and has started to educate the public on how to prepare for the catustraphic event. READ IT HERE !

The article is a good place to start when forming your zombie plan, but it will not tell you everything you need to know about how to survive the survive the zombie apacalypse. And don't think watching your extensive collection of zombie movies will help you with forming a coherent and effective zombie plan, all those movies will teach is what not to do during a zombie outbreak.

When it comes to forming your zombie plan a bit of reading is needed. Now, one can not go wrong by reading the well renowned The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. The book is filled with loads of info and will teach mot just regular survival basics, but the best and most effective ways one can overcome the zombie apacalypse.

Another piece of great reading material is to visit the The Zombie Apacalypse Preperation facebook page. Every day information is posted on the well that informs you how to survive the impending zombie apacalypse. I highly reccomend this over any other material because not only will you get the genreal survival/zombie survival info, but you'll get the information in a more real world approach. Those who run the site will often discuss zombie plans in general and the weak points of your plan. Sense, this is a facebook page it's much more interactive then a book and you have a chance to interact with other readers and the contributers themselves. The content is also quite humorus and comes from an average Joe/Jane perspective. The facebook team is also working on creating a book, so hopefully in the future everything you will need to know about surviving the zombie apacalypse will be in convenient book form.

Of course if your unable access such reading material then you can't go wrong with general survival books. Amazon has created a list of 10-must-have survival books. Try and see if there's any military/army survival books lying around and load up on any information they have to offer. Some other great choices for reading material is any Girl Scout/Boy Scout manuals. I don't think these books will teach you everything you need to know about survival, but they're a start. If you can't find any of these reading materials on hand maybe try rummaging througuh your younger brother/sister/childrens book case for any of those Daring book for Girls/Dangerous book for Boys book. Those books are filled with tons of practical information and the books are sure to keep one entertained as well during the apacalypse.

For more extensive survival how-tos check out the Survival Cache website. The site provides on extensuve amount of information to survive about any situatuion. If you live near an REI, I highly suggest you check out the classes/programs they have to offer. Classes offered at the REI are more often then not free and even then the classes usually don't cost more than $30.

-Horrorwood Doll

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