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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Art of Victoria Frances

Victoria Frances is a hauntingly talented artist that has become one of the most well-known illustrators in Spain  was born in Valencia,Spain on October 25 of 1982.

Her art is known for featuring vampires, witches, and the occasional ghost. Miss Victoria draws inspiration from Gothic literature, the mysterious old world European cities, and Galician Forests that she fondly grew up with.

Miss Frances attended the San Carlos University in Valencia, Spain where she studied Fine Art. She started off designing book covers and began working on her first illustrated book Favole, which became a hit 2004 Saló del Còmic in Barcelona. She has since then become a hit, especially in the goth/horror community.

 Paise de espectros


The Artist herself.

Here is an interview with Victoria Frances. It's in Spanish, so I haven't the faintest idea on what is exactly being said. Maybe this will motivate me to learn Spanish, well at least you all get to see some more pretty pictures.

Like, I said before Victoria published her first book Favole back in 2004 and then followed that up with Favole II and Favole III. You can purchase each book for under $20 a piece. Apparently, each book is a continuation of a story that is reminiscent to the work of Anne Rice. The books are nice because they hold the majority of Victoria's art, but I've been told that the writing is something less to be desired. Her artwork has been turned into paintings, puzzles, stationary, and she even has a tarot deck.

Her artwork seems to be fairly popular and is often liked by those who usually don't care for dark and semi-horrific artwork. In my opinion the artwork is beautiful and Victoria Frances is obviously a very talented artist, but I'm not nearly as fond of her as one would think. There is just something a bit off-putting about the majority of her artwork and even though I'm able to appreciate the overall workmanship and imagination Victoria has, I just can't bring myself to adore her as much as others have.


I'm sure those who are fans of romantic Gothic art will adore Victoria Frances,especially vampire lovers. Victoria Frances is sure early on in her career and has even come out with a new book called Arlene's Heart.
If you wish to see more of Victoria's artwork or learn more about the gifted Gothic artist feel free to check out her website.

-Horrorwood Doll


  1. victoria frances you are very talented indeed! i love every one of your beautiful drawings. keep up the fine exquisite artwork my dear! <3

  2. hello,
    i'm an art's student and i have a new painting to do for class based on an artist's style. i was interested in this one, Victoria Frances, but i can't find anywhere anything about the material used, or size, or anything about that. With all this it looks to me that is all digital art but since i can't confirm that anywhere else i can't be sure =S
    i would appreciate if someone could give me info about her work =. and about her too x3 since i also have to make a written work about the artist.
    i'm not sure if i'll really work based on her's but it's good to know more artists anyway x3
    please, answer me as soon as possible x3

    1. Yeah, sorry about the late, late reply. As far as I know she sketches it out first then does the rest digitally. Yeah, that's as far as I know.It looks like that in some of her work she does some coloration by hand, but later goes in to define it better digitally.

  3. Victoria Frances use traditional as well as digital media to create her paintings.
    For traditional art she uses watercolours, color pencils, wax crayons and acrilycs (all in the same painting ;P)

    Hope this will help you ^^

  4. Does anyone know how to contact her for request if thats even possible?

    1. You can try and go to her site, but I'm sure any commission from her would be a tad expensive.

  5. She has a amazing style.
    Her interview it is in spanish, but the voice of the narrator it is in gallego, catalán or any other dialect.



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