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Monday, June 13, 2011

Carrie: The Musical

I've heard of Dracula:The Musical, Frankenstein: The Musical,Dance of the Vampires: The Musical, Evil Dead:The Musical, but I've never heard of Carrie: The Musical. What a ludicrous notion. Who would be crazy enough to make a musical out of a horror film/book. Goodness when will they stop, we don't need another Shrek or Spiderman musical. Psh, lets see what we got in store for us.

 Carrie Musical-Eve Was Weak with clips from the 1970s Carrie.

 0.0 I honestly don't care if no one likes musicals, that's a quality song, right there. Heh, maybe this think won't be too bad after all. In fact a musical version of Carrie could really bring the story to life. This musical could easily be the next big horror musical like Sweeney Todd or Little Shop of Horrors.

A musical based off Stephen King's iconic book Carrie is returning to stage. The original Carrie musical made its debut in 1988, however the musical didn't last long, due to certain problems. The script was weak, along with some of the songs,pouring blood caused Linzi Hateley's (Carrie) microphone to malfunction, Barbara Cook (Margaret) was almost decapitated by a set piece opening night, and constant rewrites lead to the shows demise. The show received mixed reviews along with boos and cheers during each performance.  There were only 16 previews and 5 performances before it was closed and cemented its place as "the most expensive quick flop in Broadway history."-New York Times.

Over the years there have been several small unofficial musical performances and it wasn't till 2009 was there a serious revive of the musical in the works. On November 20th a reading was held for the new production that showed a reworked script and new songs that were put in place of the less than stellar ones. It has been confirmed that the new Carrie musical will be shown at the Lucille Lortel Theatre by MCC Theater for the 2011/2012 off-Broadway season.


-Horrorwood Doll

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