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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Mcgee's: Alice Madness Returns

She's back! Miss Alice is not well because her Wonderland has gone back to hell. The long awaited sequel to American Mcgee's Alice is finally here after eleven long years. This time Alice must come back to Wonderland after eleven years and save it from the evil that resides within it and her. You can come and play with Alice on June 14th, 2011 on PS3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

Before its release a few horrific teaser trailers have found a way onto the inter-webs. One thing is sure the game is bound to be bloody good fun.

There have been talks about a film adaption for awhile now, many seem to think Tim Burton is the man for the job. I on the other hand can't help, but think of Zack Snyder. Have you seen the trailer for Sucker Punch? It looks quite similar to the overall game's style. Not to mention the quote "This is Madness! This is WONDERLAND!" will likely make an appearance.

(Note: I can't help but be amazed by all the lovely outfits Alice has been given. I can almost guarantee that a future Halloween costume shall be inspired by one of them.)

The original Alice was released in 2000 and was highly acclaimed for it's graphics and complexity. It was released by EA games and was their first game even given the Mature rating. The game is highly sought after and copies have been known to be $50-100 sometimes more. For years there have been rumors about a movie in the making. Rumors have involved Wes Craven and Sarah Michelle Gellar owning rights to the film. To better understand the new game, why not check out the original? The original opening scene of the game can be seen below.

-Horrorwood Doll

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  1. hey! i made the wallpaper of Alice



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