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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Horror Themed Tattoos

  Ok, so you guys probably know by now that this is mostly Horrorwood Doll’s horror blog. She posts in it far more often than I do, and gets far more ideas for posts. That being said, I do have ideas of my own, and this is one that’s close to my heart:  tattoos.

  We’ve all seen them; you might even have one or a few, but the tattoo industry is riddled with darkly themed ink.  Horror tattoos most commonly represent an appreciation for horror movies or novels of a certain theme, a character, time period or just a love of horror in general. 
  These are, as stated before, the most commonly seen tats of the horror persuasion, but the horror theme is not limited to the appreciation of movies and literature.
  As much as I adore the artwork and detail that go into those tattoos, the ones that intrigue me the most are the tattoos that represent one’s personal horrors.
  These are not necessarily of any specific character, book or movie; They may not even be instantly recognized as a horror tattoo. They can carry a personal, heavy meaning, like the loss of a loved one, or a personal obstacle that was overcome, or just be a show of appreciation for darkly themed artwork.  Artists who tattoo evil looking ink are entirely skilled in their craft, and turn out amazing works of art.

The horror themed tattoo is a main stay in tattoo society; whether the artwork is of a movie or character, a dark spin on something innocent, or a depiction worthy of hell.

(Expect posts on tattoos by specific artists in the future.)
-Bombshell Hell


  1. I believe you mean "sucks." Yes, that is in fact vampires and leeches do. You clever little lad.

  2. Nice reply to the illiterate noob up there ^
    I personally think there's a deep rooted connection between horror and today's society, whether it's connecting with our neglection towards third world countries, or the prejudice 'civilization' we inhabbit. Maybe in truth those who inherit the darkness that our world exhibits upon it's people are closer to human than those that conform to the average ideology our society pushes in to the minds of it's followers, who not only dismiss questioning the thinking-patterns bred in to their minds, but more importantly neglect the truth of our cruel world. I would just like to bring it to your attention that one of the pictures is not displaying, and i find it quite intriguing trying to decypher the meaning behind the deep-rooted love for hate these tattoos display, simply amazing, and truely inspiring, thank-you from the bottom of my heart <3

    1. This post was unfortunately not written by me. This one was from another contributor on the blog, but she really isn't that active. I'll pass the word along and perhaps she'll become more active again on here.

      P.S. That black box used to be a video, but I have nothing to replace it with, but thanks for telling me.

      -Horrorwood Doll

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