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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The King of Shock Rock Given his Dues

    Glorious news! Alice Cooper the King of Shock Rock has finally been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.( About F@*%&ing time. I've been bitching about this for a few years now. ABBA and Madonna was in the Hall of fame before Alice!) It happened last night (03/14/2011) at The Waldorf-Astoria on Monday in New York City. He was presented by Rob Zombie(Who has yet to be inducted himself) Anyways, Alice accepted the award with a snake around his neck. (Of course) From what I've read there was a stellar speeches and performances to be had at the show. You can watch Alice get his award on the Fuse, on the 20th (Sunday) at 9 pm/8c.

Of course there was a snake.

Which, I would love to see except during that day and time I'll be at a wedding. -_-

Here is a real conversation I had after I found out he had finally going to be inducted.

Me:  -Squee- (Dancing around, while cat glares at me. Mom is weirded out and asks. What I'm so excited about.) Alice Cooper finally got inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. :D I can't wait to watch the show on the Fuse.

Mom: You do realize that's the same night as your cousin's wedding

Me: Mother F#@&%er! (Okay, didn't quite say that, but close)  Wait, Rachel  as in the cousin who was somewhat obsessed with Alice Cooper so much, that everyone started calling her "The Bride of Alice Cooper" is getting married?

Mom: Yes!

Me: Do you think she'll watch it with me?

Anyways, my goal is to find a way to at least catch Alice's performance on the show during the wedding reception. Wish me luck!

Also, besides airing The Rock Hall of Fame Fuse is also have two television specials on Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie on their Mad Genius segment.

 Alice's victory dance.

Rolling Stone had an interview with him about when he finally heard the news. Read it here:

Interview highlights

"Are you thinking of playing in more shows with the original band in the near future?"

"I think it is inevitable. We have kind of been looking for an excuse to do that anyway. Why not do 4 or 5 major cities, Detroit especially since that's where we broke out of. Los Angelos, New York, London, Toronto. Those were like the five cities where we got our biggest push. We might do that in the spring."
"I've read that you're cutting a new album with Bob Ezrin. "

"Yeah. It's like the Beatles doing another album with George Martin. We are doing Welcome To Me Nightmare Part II. We decided, why not give Alice another nightmare? All of the songs are written at this point. I can't see it coming out until spring of next year."

Hell yes! I need my debit card, damn it! Must purchase tickets! Please come to Denver. We are a rock state damn it! There is also going to be a new album. ;D  You have unleashed the dawn of a 1,000 squees! -SQUEEEEEEEEEE!-
Another article on the ceremony itself.
Even though the Alice Cooper band is mostly known for "School's Out for Summer" that is far from their greatest song. Everyone has their favorite it could be the rebellious "I'm Eighteen", the provocative "Feed my Frankenstein" or the madness that is known as "The Black Widow" My personal favorite would have to be "Second Coming"  which is in my opinion highly underrated. Listen below.

Now, that Alice is where he belongs, I need something new to bitch about. Hey, Rock Hall of Fame, Why the hell is Joan Jett not been inducted yet? Goodness, someone is a slacker.

On an interesting note, who do you think from this current time will be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame?

My votes would be:

The Killers
My Chemical Romance (They started a music trend. Shut up and deal with it.)
Muse (It's a possibility)
Lady Gaga (Woman has already made a huge musical impact in such a short time.)
Avenged Sevenfold
Green Day (Mostly for American Idiot)

-Horrorwood Doll

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