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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anne Rice: The Queen of Vampire Literature is back!

 Anne's New Werewolf Novel

Anne Rice the most renown writer of vampire and supernatural literature and is making her comeback with werewolf fiction. Mrs. Rice has just recently announced about her new werewolf novel " The Wolf Gift" at San Diego Comic Con.

It's about a young man who becomes a werewolf. It's my take on what that experience is like for that young man, to experience that transformation and how it works in his life and how he copes with it."- Anne Rice

To watch the actual interview please go to this link.

I don't think many will be against Mrs. Rice going back to her horror roots; for a time she denounced her vampire novels, but it seems she is ready to come back to writing supernatural writings. Anne Rice is one of the most important and influential writers for vampire fiction, right after Bram Stoker, so it'll be interesting to see what she can do for werewolf literature.

Anne at Comic Con

Hey, guys look its some videos of Anne Rice at Comic Con doing a signing  for the graphic novelization of her book Servant of the Bones.

It's just so wonderful to see Anne Rice back in the swing of things and in such a jubilant mood. I really hope to see Anne Rice at more conventions and might I say that the woman looks spectacular for a woman who is close to the age of 70. -sigh- FYI I am forever envious of anyone who had a chance to go to Comic Con in San Diego.

Interview with the Vampire Graphic Novel

Those who are fans of The Vampire Chronicles will be pleased to know that a graphic novelization of Anne Rice's most famous work Interview with the Vampire. The graphic novel is set to be released in the fall of 2012 (-cough- -cough- A perfect present for ones 21st birthday.) and will be told from the point of view Claudia, the vampire child. Ashley Marie Witter will be responsible for illustrating the story. Mr. Rice had this to say on the current artwork of the story."I am looking at the drawings, they have such wonderful detail in the costumes, and in my work costumes are almost like a character," said Rice. "They are part of the work, and they got that. What I look for in a movie or a book like this is the essence—baroque detail, sensuality, luxurious hair, faces that are intriguing and deep—and they got it here."

You can learn a bit more on the upcoming graphic novel here. 

I'm personally ecstatic about Rice writing another supernatural novel and I can't help, but jump for fangirl joy when I found that there will be a graphic novel done on one of my favorite pieces of literature. I adore the artwork that I've seen so far and I love that that Claudia will be the narrator of this piece.

What do you all think?

-Horrorwood Doll


  1. Your post made me giddy to hear of her new book!! Thank you for posting!

  2. I think it's great! just a detail: Claudia is very old in this illustration, remember that it is a little girl and the image looks more than 13 years. Greetings!
    Long live Anne Rice!

  3. So looking forward to your new book.

  4. I am pretty sure she never denounced her vampire books. In fact, she flat out refused to do so when pressured by Christians following her conversion.

  5. i too am all excited and giddy and what not, just frantically messaged a friend about the servent of the bones comic and am super phyced about a werewolf book...however i do still miss the prospect of reading a new vampire still remains my ultimate book fantasy!;)



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