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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horrify your I-phone

 Free Wallpaper

Want to add a bit of horror flare to your I-phone? Well there are quite a few little features you can download onto your phone and the best part of all they're free.

Show off your horror cred by downloading one of these Classic Universal Studios Monsters wallpaper onto your phone or any portable mobile device.

Free Reading

If you're in need for some light reading then feel free the download the Lite version of the Brain Eater's Bible.
“Freedom for zombies isn’t free,” says J.D. McGhoul, the app’s undead author, “but this free edition does democratize important information.”  He goes on to explain that, Brain Eater’s Bible Lite will at least guide the infected through the early stages of reanimation and help them understand why they crave human brains.”

You can download the brilliant lite zombie fiction here. You can also purchase the full version for the amazing price of $4.99 on i-tunes at this link and get yourself a hardcopy via Amazon. 

Free Entertainment

Before the days of cable television and before wide release horror films, those who had a fondess for errie tales of the macabre had to get their horror fix somewhere else. Those at Relic Radio have brought back the days when all would gather all around and listen to a tale that would chill your senses. You can download this weekly podcast via I-tunes and bring the days horror radio on to your phone.

-Horrorwood Doll

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