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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Dark Tales of Harry Potter: The Three Brothers/ The Warlocks Hairy Heart

Harry Potter has become a well beloved series for many, J.K Rowling has certainly proven herself to be an excellent writer. You can say that the appeal of Harry Potter steams from the well developed characters, the much detailed plot, but I think the reason why the series has become so beloved is because of the world J.K. Rowling created for her Harry Potter series. The author did not just create a memorable story, she created an entire world that has become as well known as the story itself.

J.K Rowling added to the world of Harry Potter when she created a series of fables/fairy tales for her wizards. The Tales of Bettle the Bard is a collection of Grimmsesque tales that range from whimsical and sweet to dark and foreboding. Many fairy tales have an element of horror and Miss Rowling did not leave this one element out when creating her series of fairy tales. Today, I'm going to share with you all two tales from The realm of Beetle the Bard that surly make your blood cold and will perhaps leaving you wanting more.


I'm sure the majority of you are aware of the tale of The Three Brothers, since the tale makes its appearance in the Harry Potter film Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1. There is not much I can say about the story itself, the tale obviously has to do with the fear death and how greed leads to ones very own destruction.

An interesting observation I saw in the comment section of this video, which I later found out is a theory among Harry Potter fans. Three characters in the books are believed to represent the three brothers in the story.

Voldemort :: The one who died for power.
Snape (Some say Albus Dumbledore) :: The one who died for lost love.
Harry Potter :: The one that greeted Death like an old friend.


A young Warlock was embarrassed to see his friends falling in love and considered the act foolish and weak. He decided that he never wanted to fall victim to love, and secretly used Dark magic to cut out his heart.
He lived on, seeming content with his lack of emotion, not even mourning when his parents passed away. After their deaths, he moved into their home and transferred his heart, his "greatest treasure," to the dungeon. Believing in the perfection of his solitude, he was shocked to overhear one of his servants pitying him, and another thinking it funny he didn't have a wife. He decided he would go out and find the most beautiful, talented, wealthy and all-around enviable young woman to be his bride.
The very next day, the young Warlock had the fortune of meeting the perfect woman. He began pursuing her, convincing all of his friends that he had changed. She was both "fascinated and repelled" by him, and agreed to attend a feast at his home. While at the feast, the maiden asked the Warlock for proof that he had a heart. He took her down into the dungeon and showed her the magic crystal casket that held his beating heart. The woman was horrified at the sight of it, as it had grown hairy and shrunken as a result of it's separation from the Warlock's body. She begged him to replace the heart within himself, so he sliced his chest open with his wand and placed his heart back into his chest. As the woman embraced him, his heart, which had grown blind and perverse, took savage action against the young woman and killed her.
When the rest of the guests went looking for the Warlock, they found him in the dungeon, crouched over maiden's lifeless body, caressing her heart. He attempted to take her heart for his own, but his heart was too strong and would not leave his body. Determined never to be mastered by his heart again, he cut it out of his chest, and fell over the maiden's body, dead.
Unlike the tale of The Three Brothers there is no bittersweet ending to this story. The story has to deal with love of course and what happens to those who have no love or kindness within their heart and how those without one become animalistic in nature. In the wizarding world when someone is referred to having a "hairy heart" it means that the person is unfeeling.

Read more tales from The Bettle the Bard by purchasing the book here.

-Horrorwood Doll.

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